Unsubscribe from keyword alerts



When end-users or readers want to unsubscribe from their keyword email alerts for the newspaper's Olive Dynamic Newstand or ODN.



Agents, Publishers, End-Users


Step-By-Step Guide

  There are two possible ways:

  • Click unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email; or
  • Delete existing subscriptions via ODN application: 
  1. Navigate to the edition`s ODN app;
  2. On the toolbar click on Options;
  3. Choose Alert option;
  4. On the “Create Keyword Alerts” pop-up enter your email address into “Your email address” field;
  5. Click anywhere on the pop-up;
  6. You`ll see a label “You have queries defined.”, where n is either “no” or the number of active alerts subscriptions, and the list of them
  7. Click “X” next to active search query;





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