Create Logo and Splash screen for Skin



This article helps in understanding the steps when a new skin is to be added on the server and it needs a Logo and a splash screen for it. This will also help in understanding the size & format of the logo and the splash screen.





Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Go to publication homepage, by looking for it on Google ;


 2. On the main page Select  and capture the main banner or publication logo, as below; 


3. After captured ( in this case with the software SnagIt  ),  create the Splash Screen: The Canvas for Splash Screen is 400x400 pixels 


4. To  save it, the File Format to be used is CompuserveGIF (.gif)


5. For the Logo, the size ( height ) should be 150 pixels and  saving format  is Portable Network Graphics (.png )


To update this Logo or Splash screen please check this article on how to update.



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