Find the tracking ID for Google Analytics


The Analytics tracking code collects data for your web property and returns that data to Google Analytics where you can see it in your reports. When you add a new web property to your Google Analytics account, it generates the tracking code snippet that you need to add to the pages where data is to be from.

You can use this tracking code snippet as is, or customize it to collect additional data. The tracking code snippet contains a unique ID for the web property that lets you identify that property’s data in your reports.

In the case of Olive, there isn't a need to decode the snippet because this is already built-in in the code, so we only need to know the tracking code.



  1. Navigate to Google Analytics
  2. Go to the Admin panel


3. Browse to find the account that you are looking for (or create a new one if necessary)


  1. Select the property you are looking for or create a new one if necessary. Then click on Tracking Info and the tracking code is going to be displayed:  



5. Save the code. You will need it when adding a new configuration of Google Analytics for ODN.

6. Close all windows that you've opened.



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