Search by Tracking ID’s in Google Analytics


This article provides information on how to search a property in Google Analytics account via Tracking ID and apply the requested changes.

If a customer requests to add a couple of email addresses to have access to some properties in Google Analytics, chances are that the property name would be difficult to identify as there are many properties with similar names, therefore the publishers should also provide a Tracking ID (Also known as GA ID, UA ID, GA number). 


  1. Navigate to Google Analytics in your browser and log in with the Olive’s Analytics account. 

  2. Go to the top left-hand section of the ‘Home’ screen and click the drop-down menu to pull-up the search option:


  3. In the search bar, enter the Tracking ID provided by the customer:


  4. Select the property that shows in the search results and click on ‘Admin’ in the bottom left section:


  5. You are now in the correct Property requested by the customer and can perform any modifications on it.




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