Why aren't the links in my digital ads "hot" or clickable?


This article explains why URLs in some ads are not hot i.e. not have a clickable link in it. Customers may complain that URLs in some ads cannot be clicked and some resolutions are provided here.


In order for an ad to have a “hot” or clickable link in it, one of two things needs to happen:

  1. The ad must have embedded text within it, and the URL pattern must be clear (which means it should proceed with an “http” or “www” and end with “.com”, “.org”, etc; there is a large set of patterns that Olive looks for when detecting web addresses).

  2.  If the ad is rasterized (no embedded text), then the link can be embedded directly into the PDF (via Acrobat or similar; this will mean that the PDF natively will have a “hot” clickable area); if done, Olive can recognize the PDF-embedded link and generate the Olive link from that. [Note: the following parameter must be set within the profile:

If the ad is rasterized without any PDF-embedded links, or the text embedded in the ad doesn’t match the URL pattern (this can include bad spacing within the link), then Olive will not capture the link and it will not be hot in the digital edition.



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