How to Clear Cache (End Users browsers)




For any browser issues, we recommend users to clear the cache first. The reason for this is that some back-end code has been changed, and unfortunately some of this code can be cached by a browser. This means that until the cache is cleared, some users will be seeing the new skin (ODN1.5) but with cached old (ODN1.4) code in the back-end, which will result in errors and odd behavior. Clearing the cache means that the client's browser will grab the latest code from the new skin, and everything will then run correctly.



Self Service


Step-by-Step Guide

The easiest way to clear cache from a PC is:

• With your browser window “in focus”, press SHIFT+CTRL+DEL; this will open the dialog to clear your browser cache.


  1. Internet Explorer


B. Microsoft Edge


C. Chrome

  • Make sure to choose All Time” from the Time range or “Beginning of Time” for other Chrome versions.


D. Firefox

  • Set Time Range to Clear to “Everything”.


E. Opera

Set Obliterate the following items from: the beginning of time.


F. Safari

Go to Developer Menu > Empty Caches


G. Vivaldi

Set Delete Data to All Time.


NOTE: Please note that just hitting "F5" won't necessarily fix the issue (since it will not address caching). Ctrl+F5 is better (it'll reload the page completely, although again will not address cached code or images).





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