How to use Olive Support


This article covers the processes for how to use olive support webform, including log in to Olive support and browsing your tickets.

Table Of Contents

Logging into the support portal

How to Submit a request after logging in

How to check and update existing tickets

Logging into the support portal

Go to 

Click on “Sign-in” on the top right corner


From the Sign-in page, enter in your email ID as your username and your password.

If this is the first time you’re logging in to the portal, but have contacted Olive Support in the past, you can use the Forgot Password or Get a password option to request for a new password.


If you have never contacted Olive Support in the past, then you will need to create a new account. You can do so by using the “Sign Up” option.

How to Submit a request after logging in

Once you’re logged in to the portal, you can click on “Submit a request” from anywhere on the portal. This option is available on the top right of the page:


You will now be directed to the ticket request form. While filling in the ticket request you might see various help articles that correspond to the title fo your ticket request. You can click on any of them and go and see the respective Knowledge Base article to see if that helps you instead of raising a support request.

Once you have raised the ticket you will be taken to the dashboard.

Check and Update Existing Tickets 

On the dashboard, you will now see all the tickets under your name, and you can open any ticket and update/review it from this list, like in the image below.

Note: if you have more than one user in your organization registered with Olive Support, you will also have the additional tab for “Organization Requests” next to “Requests I’m CC’d on

You can click on any of the issues and see the discussions that have happened on the issue. Further information can also be added here.




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