Configuring Firebase and OneSignal for Android Push Notifications


Olive uses third-party applications to create push notifications and integrate them into the wrapper. This third party application is called One Signal and for Android devices they use Firebase.

Firebase is a Google platform that helps users develop apps. Olive does not provide support for Firebase, however, they do help the customer set up the environment in order to configure the wrapper.

A guide for enabling push notifications via OneSignal for iOS is available here.


  • One Signal Account: An account is required as well as the App created (see this article). This is required prior to configuring the notifications in firebase.
  • Firebase Account: The customer needs to create an account (if they have not already) and share the credentials with you. Alternatively, they can grant access to their apps to specific users, avoiding the need to share their credentials.



  1. Log in to Firebase


  1. Click on Add Project, and then type the name of your application.



  1. Accept the terms and conditions, then click on Create project.
  2. Once the project is created, navigate and click Project settings.



  1. Click on Cloud Messaging and copy the server key and sender ID.



  1. Go to One Signal website, log in to your account, open the settings of your application, and then click on Android.



  1. Enter the Server key and Sender ID that you copied from step 5.



  1. In the top menu, select settings and then navigate to the Keys & IDs panel.



  1. Copy and save the ONESIGNAL APP ID. You will need this ID to build the wrapper when using the Native Shell.



  1. Log out and close your window.





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