Feeds Workflow


The information below offers a brief explanation of the Feeds Workflow on OCM.


Feed categories workflow can be described as the following:

  1. Navigate to Category.  
    XMedia server side received a request from the client with feed and category to navigate.
  2. Get the category's converter.
    If there is converter attribute – XMedia tries to get the custom converter, otherwise, XMedia uses general RSS converter.
  3. Convert feed content to JSON using the selected converter.
    If general RSS converter is used - feed content is treated as RSS. In RSS there are standard fields for each item: link, title, published date, short text, and author. But for XMedia converter also needs full content for the item. And RSS can provide it, though each RSS feed can have a different tag for full content. For that purpose, RSS converter takes contentTag attribute and uses it to extract full content from RSS item.
  4. Send result JSON to client and cache the result for the chosen category by cacheDuration time span.
  5. On the client, XMedia takes JSON and looks for listTemplate to render the category’s content. If listTemplate is empty – the default template is used. Then XMedia looks for category’s items (by CSS class "item") and assigns click events on it.
  6. If category item is clicked, XMedia looks for itemTemplate to render item’s content. If itemTemplate is empty – the default template is used. After that, XMedia opens Article Viewer popup with rendered content.



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