OCM Overview


This article provides an overview of OCM. The main idea of creating XMedia Application was the ability to extend its functionality and allow it to present more content rather than just Print Edition (ODN 1.0).


Some New Concepts and Definitions in XMedia

  • Content-Type - Some content that can be configured and presented in XMedia. In previous ODN version, there was only one content type – Print Edition, which allowed for users to explore and share a list of recent issues. Now XMedia has several content types: feeds, printEdition, historicPreview, and printFeed.
  • Free/Not Free content - Previously, the whole ODN skin required the user to be authenticated to view it. With new content types in XMedia, some of the content types can be free to open and view, while other content types can require authentication to be viewed.
  • Bottom Toolbar - Previously, ODN only had one toolbar – the top one. The introduction of Content Types and the need to switch between content types led to an additional toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

XMedia UI was developed for mobiles/tablets, but a user can access XMedia from a desktop, and the application should work fine, though again, mobile UI was the primary target.

Here is the general look of XMedia on mobile screens (with standard and some custom content types):




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