Correct Spelling errors or typos in Edition


The following article to correct spelling errors and correcting spelling, correcting typos and fixing errors in a publication after an edition has been published. You can use this article to fix spelling errors, typos, corrections as required and so on. 


ODN (Olive Dynamic Newsstand)


Olive User

Procedure to Follow

There are three methods available to fix typing errors and spelling mistakes in a published edition. 

  1. The first step is to check the publication and confirm the location(s) of the ˀspelling errors.
  2. Once you’ve located the errors, you can do one of the following tasks:
    • Send the publication’s locations and the list of the errors you want to fix to Marvel publishing, with a request to make the changes needed.
    • Edit the PDF source file, fix the errors and upload the file to production for reprocessing.
    • If the error appears on only 1 page, look up the XML file of the affected page in the repository. Use Notepad++ to view and edit the XML document. 



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