AMDOCS Request Types


AMDOCS is one of the largest customers which has the regular services of Olive but also other specific products that have been implemented for them only. This article provides information about the different products and services that are offered to AMDOCS and a description of the information we need to ask the customer in different requests.


Regular services

AMDOCS uses the main service from Olive Software, and support is provided for Google Analytics, Skin Builder, Ads, OlivConnect, Smart layers, Olive Search and Marvel Production inquiries. For all of these areas, the support provided to AMDOCS should follow the same structure as any other support request from a regular publisher.

Digital Directory

This feature is provided by Olive as a very specific implementation for AMDOCS so support doesn’t get involved directly in the solution of any concern about it. In case an L1 agent gets a ticket about this feature, the agent has to transfer the ticket to L2 for proper investigation and resolution. You can check the procedure in this guide.


Digital Directory could be called Real Pages Live Directory, but it is essentially the same service. One of the most common requests about Digital Directory is related to modifying the landing page to access the Directory online. To do this, the publisher will send to Olive Support an install package containing all requested updates and this will need to be installed by the development team. You can check the escalation process in this guide.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is the mobile app that was designed specifically for AMDOCS. Similarly to the Digital Directory service, the Yellow Pages app is supported only at a development level. It is uncommon to have a request from AMDOCS about problems with cookies or very generic issues. AMDOCS will contact support for specific development requests when it comes to Yellow Pages and Digital Directory.


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