Advertisement (Ad) Placement & Terminology


The information in article can be used by an agent at any level to help understand the Ad-related terms.

An Ad is an advertisement that is published in a newspaper whether printed or digital. Ads can be placed in various parts of the digital edition and this article aims to spell out and describe these areas. The ads, in this case, are the ones that appear alongside the stories in the publication rather than the ones that are placed as inserts or classifieds.


Ads can be placed in various positions within a page but these general positions are predefined to ensure uniformity in publications.

  • Banner Ad is placed at the top of the page and spans the whole page

  • After Article Ad is at the bottom of the page and may be the width of an article
  • Interstitial Ad is an advertisement that appears while a chosen website or page is downloading and may include a close button to dismiss it for a certain time period. Interstitials can also be described as ads that appear between pages. For example, if a user clicks on a link to go to another page, they will be taken to the interstitial ad instead.
  • Left & Right Rail Ads may span the whole sides of the page.

What is an Ad tag?

It is a code snippet that has to be inserted within the HTML code of a webpage where an ad is due to be displayed. An ad tag is created and placed for each ad placement on the page. When the ad tag is uploaded by the user’s browser during a visit on the publisher's website, the tag gives instructions to the browser to retrieve the ad from an ad server. It is called an ad request.



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