Misplaced items in eEdition (Ads, navigation options and menu bar)


This article provides resolutions to issues when navigation bars are minimised and the options are cut off by the ads section, the menu options are not visible, or the options and the ads sections are big and it is difficult to navigate through the pages.


Olive Dynamic Newsstand (ODN) 1.5 


Root cause

There are two potential causes:

  • Misconfiguration of the skin
  • The display size of the browser or the computer



  1. Attempt to reproduce the issue by simply loading the eEdition having the problem.
  1. If the issue is reproducible, then changes in the template might be needed to raise the ticket with support.
  1. If the issue is not reproducible in the first instance, change the size settings of your computer to the maximum to see if this alters the view and misplaces the options and sections.
  1. If the sections are misplaced, then advise the customer to check the size settings, of either the browser or the computer.
  1. Once they have decreased the size the problem should be fixed.


The problem may look like the images given below:

mceclip0.pngThe original layout should look this way:






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