Navigating the Ad Launcher Interface


This article will help users to navigate through the Ad Launcher application. It is used to display all the Ads in a publication. It presents one interface to search for Ads and display them as proof that the Ads ran on a publication. The Ad Launcher application uses the ad.xml file (containing ad frames produced by segmentation) to populate the interface from the publication.


Tools: Olive Software QA Authenticator Tool, Ad Launcher (ADL)

  1. Access the Ad Launcher application. 

  2. Once you are in the Ad Launcher window, you will see several options to retrieve and view the ads such as Search, Browse or Index.

  3.  Type the text to be searched in the Search Text field.mceclip0.png

  4. Select Daily/Weekly/Monthly in the field Select Period to select the period for the Ads being searched. 

  5. Browse - Another option if you don’t want to search; it allows you to browse Ads by Advertisers or Newspaper sections.

  6. Select Daily/Weekly/Monthly from the drop-down list field to narrow down the period for browsing the Ads.

  7. Index - A simple alphabetical index, that allows you to view Ads beginning with a specific letter. It can categorize Ads by an Advertiser or by a Newspaper section.





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