OLIVPay - Checking Subscriber Records and Payment Status using Plenigo


Plenigo can be used for checking subscriber records and payment status if a subscriber’s edition/publisher is using OLIVPay.


1. Login to Plenigo.

Note: Please contact your Manager or the Product Manager, if you do not have the required access.

2. Click Active Companies in the left-hand side navigation panel, a list of companies appears. Click the Actions box of a specific company.

Note: If the name of the company doesn’t appear on this page, choose the appropriate location of that company or check the contact email.

3. On the left-hand side navigational Panel, go to Customers > Customer Overview. Search for the name of the affected subscriber (you may use either of the two search boxes).

Note: If you get an exact match on the customer’s email or name, it brings you straight to the Customer Overview. If you see a list, just click on the subscriber’s email.

  • Customer’s Overview - shows the subscribers’ records, payment status, and login status.

  • Records - shows the subscriber’s information such as birthday, address, contact information, and customer number.


  • Status state - shows the login status of the subscriber.

  • Active Orders - to access the Active Orders page, click the Order ID number as shown below.


  • Payment Status - shows the price, payment method and subscription.





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