Installing ScaleArc


The following deployment options are supported for installing ScaleArc:

The diagram below displays how ScaleArc can be deployed on-premise (Site A), in the cloud (Site B), or in a hybrid environment (Site A and Site B) where part of the infrastructure is on-premise and the other is on the cloud.   


The ScaleArc installation process will vary depending on the preferred deployment option i.e. Cloud vs On-premise and whether the deployment is a new installation or an upgrade to an existing installation. 



It is important to determine your preferred deployment model i.e. whether cloud or on-premise prior to beginning the installation activities.

Ensure provision sufficient capacity for the ScaleArc appliance as detailed in Installation Prerequisites before starting the installation process.


Installing ScaleArc

The following are the high-level steps to be followed while installing ScaleArc, regardless of the selected deployment model:

  1. Review the prerequisites section to confirm you have the requisite hardware and software requirements to run ScaleArc.
  2. Complete the deployment checklist and the cluster configuration checklist as preparation for the installation and configuration.
  3. Download ScaleArc for your environment.
  4. Follow the installation instructions for your specific platform.
  5. Configure operating parameters and apply your purchased license for access to ScaleArc.
  6. Configure the basic settings that define the network and other properties.
  7. If required, configure High Availability (HA) service by using two ScaleArc instances setup in an HA pair.
  8. Create a cluster to manage SQL traffic.

Note: For first-time ScaleArc installation, we recommend that you perform a health check prior to transitioning to production traffic. Upon successful completion of the ScaleArc configuration, refer to this article on Executing Automated Healthcheck before you go live.

Refer to the following sections that provide specific installation steps for the different possible deployment scenarios. Note that if you have already pre-installed ScaleArc for evaluation and wish to continue using it, you need to upgrade to a production license as determined by your ScaleArc sizing.

On-premise Installation

Customers can download and install ScaleArc on their own on-premise infrastructure that meets the recommended minimum requirements. 

This section provides step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing ScaleArc on-premise in the following environments:

Cloud Installation

If deploying ScaleArc on a hosted environment, you have the option to start up an instance of ScaleArc on a number of cloud marketplaces such as:

Follow the hyperlinks for more detailed information on your specific cloud provider.


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