PA5G / AAA 2020.1 Release Notes

Release Overview


Ignite is excited to announce the PA5G 2020.1 release for our customers. 

With this release, PA5G and AAA products will have a new UI that works 

with modern web browsers. The user interface of the applications has been 

rebuilt with the latest web technologies while retaining the existing 



The User Interface for versions of Acorn PA5G/AAA prior to this one, use Microsoft Silverlight, 

which Microsoft had already sunset in 2012. Microsoft Silverlight will 

reach the end of support on October 12, 2021. Silverlight development 

framework is currently only supported on Internet Explorer 10 and 

Internet Explorer 11, with support for Internet Explorer 10 ending on 

January 31, 2020. There is no longer support for Chrome, Firefox, or any 

browser using the Mac operating system. 


This will be the only supported version of the products (PA5G/AAA). 

We encourage you to upgrade to the latest version in order to take 

advantage of the improvements.




Supported Platforms

  • Database Server
    • Operating Systems:
      • Any Microsoft Windows Server release supported by the Microsoft SQL Server release in use
        (Recommended Windows Server 2016 or 2019)
    • Databases:
      • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Edition (SSRS are not yet supported for PA5G reports)
        • Compatibility mode of 130 is supported
      • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition (with Service Pack 1)
        • Compatibility mode of 130 is supported
  • Application Server
    • Operating Systems:
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2016
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2019
    • .Net Framework:
      • .Net Framework v4.6.2
    • Internet Information Service
      • IIS 7.5 or later with IIS 6 backward compatibility on
  • Client
    • Operating Systems:
      • Microsoft Windows 7 (with Service Pack 2)
      • Microsoft Windows 8.1 (with Update 2)
      • Microsoft Windows 10
    • Web Browsers:
      • Any modern web browser(Recommended Chrome)




Release Summary


New Features


Acorn PA5G/AAA - M1 - Grid Component Rewrite

Silverlight, which Microsoft had already sunset in 2012 has been removed as a dependency. In this milestone, a grid component was created having the same feature set of the Silverlight Grid component to ease future efforts of rewriting the Acorn PA5G/AAA UI.


Acorn PA5G/AAA - M2.1 - User Interface Rewrite (Screens using Grid component)

The first set of screens were developed with Angular by using the newly developed grid component.

Acorn PA5G/AAA - M2.2 - User Interface Rewrite (Screens using other widgets than Grid component)

The second set of screens were developed with Angular.

Acorn PA5G/AAA - M3 - Diagram Component Rewrite

The screens of the products that use the diagram component were developed with Angular.
The screens that use a diagram component are detailed in the release notes.


Resolved Issues

  • Default Size for existing Attribute definitions String type was null and changed to 50
  • PA5G installer does not create versioned Start menu items - Updated the folder path with Product version included so the Start Menu will display the version information as well.
  • General Ledger Assignments: Download Excel page should always show Percentage values - Percentage column shows a read-only value of a correctly calculated percentage. 
  • Transactions: Error message is not being displayed for Duplicate Global ID - The defect was fixed and an error message is displayed once there is a duplicate record.
  • Edit Failed Records on Data: Lookup Table doesn't highlight the column with duplicates - The defect was fixed and the duplicate fields are highlighted. 
  • Search through Processes on Statement Details: Use Imported Rate criteria is not working working - The defect was fixed. Use Imported Rate filter criteria wasn’t considered while building the search query. 
  • Data: Lookup Table page is accepting Duplicate row with same values - The defect was fixed. There is a message for the duplicate records once the save operation is happening and the record is not being saved unless the duplicate record is corrected. 
  • Attribute 'Size' Column must support/available for AUC upload/Attribute Input Size Validation for other modules - The defect was fixed. Attribute StringValue Size validation is added to the Entity/Costs/Facility attribute Input.
  • Data Size accepts 0 in excel file for Attribute Definition - The defect was fixed. A rule was overriding the needed Excel rule.
  • Add 'Size' Column in Attribute Staging Upload/Table/Edit Failed records modules  - The defect was fixed. Size column is available in all places.
  • Data: Transactions: upload template fails - The defect was fixed. The duplicate ID check should be enabled for grid operations only, not for the upload template feature.



Release Notes


The release notes have been published with this article. See attachment below.




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