How to fix the 'Not a Valid period' error?


When saving a new action in Everest, such as trying to create a custom label, once created and ready to set in a stock bin, a small window pops up that reads: "Not a valid period". 


This is a common issue that usually manifests at the start of a new year. It is also referred to as an "Everest Year-End issue".

Root cause

Accounting periods have to be set up in Everest for each Accounting year to enable users to create Documents & Transactions. A user would get an error 'Not a valid period' if:

  • Accounting periods are not defined for specific Accounting year
  • Accounting periods are in 'locked' status


To fix the issue, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create Accounting periods and Accounting year:
    1. From the main interface, open File > Setup > Accounting > Periods > New.
    2. Give a name for the Accounting year (i.e. FY2021 etc.)
  2. Verify the start and end date of each Accounting period before you confirm.

If an Accounting year already exists, you may receive an 'Invalid Accounting period' error, if the period is locked.

You can verify the status of the Accounting period by selecting the Accounting year and clicking Next. This will lists all accounting periods for the selected Accounting year and the status of each period.



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