Everest Database Backup and Restore Procedure


This article outlines the procedure to backup and restore the Everest database when an administrator wants to transfer the database to a new server or for purposes of replicating data in a production environment to a test server.


Follow the below Step-By-Step Guide to copy Everest data from one server to another.

It is recommended that this is done after business hours when the system is not being actively used.

  1. Go to the old server/old version and open Everest Client.
  2. Navigate to Utility -> Database Maintenance -> Backup Company.
  3. Backup the company into a file. Copy this file over to the new server. This can be done over the network or using removable media such as a USB drive.
  4. Go to the new server. Make sure a new company under the same name as the old is set up.
  5. Go to Utility -> Database Maintenance -> restore company.
  6. Select 'From Device' and 'File Name'. Point to the file saved in step 1. Click OK.
  7. If the database itself needs updating, the user will be prompted to update after pressing OK.


In order to verify if the transfer was successful; open any document, such as a Sales Invoice or Sales Order, and check if the list of documents exists and if they are recently dated.

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