Changing the Default Address


This article describes the procedure to change the mailing or shipping address that is printed by default on all forms including Sales Orders (SO), Sales Invoice (SI), Purchase Order(PO), Purchase Invoice(PI), etc.



The default shipping address is created within the Company Creation Wizard when the company information is entered during the initial setup.

The address information can be updated/edited as follows, using the preferred case i.e. UPPER CASE, Proper Case, or Sentence case as desired:

  • Change your address and general information by navigating to File > Setup > Company > General tab
  • Change your address under the location profile: File > Setup > Accounting > Location/Sublocation > Open Location Profile
  • To edit the address on your documents (SO, PO, etc.), change the logo which may be done by selecting File > Set Up > Accounting > Locations > Image tab
  • To change your logo with a new address that appears on your financial statement, select File > Setup > Company > Logo tab.

As described in Setting Up a Company: The Company Creation Wizard the Company Code and Legal Name cannot be changed from the above screen as the license registration codes are generated based on the registered name of the company. The change is done from the Company Creation Wizard but as mentioned it has license implications.

Additionally, the license key in use is also tied to the company name thus a new key would need to be generated when changing the company name. You will need to contact your Customer Success Manager in order to start off the process, as you will need new registration codes.

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