Importing Stock Bins from Excel


This article outlines the procedure to import stock bins into Everest from an Excel file, a template for which is provided as a downloadable attachment.



Note: The process described here works for creating new Stock bins through a bulk import and does not support importing existing data in bulk to a stock bin. For this second use case where you are importing existing data in bulk to a Stock Bin, refer to the workaround documented in Working with Stock Count Documents to Transfer Inventory.

To import stock bins into Everest:

  1. Log in to Everest and Navigate to Utility >  Import > data > Stock Bins
  2. Select the Excel file containing the Stock Bins to be imported and created using the attached Bin_import_template.xls template, making sure the following mandatory fields are populated:
    • Area_code : Stock bin code
    • Dep_code : Stock area
    • Description : Bin/Stock area description
    • Detail : Stock area/bin
    • Stock type : Normal/Repair
    • Type :Out/In


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