Error 588 : Message : Error 723, Details : Vendor Code 3621 for "Item Purchase History"


This article describes possible solutions when running the "Item Purchase History" report results in Everest processing for a few minutes before failing with the error message shown below:

Error Number :  588  
Error Message : Error : 723 Error in File
<path to a temporary File> :
Failed to retrieved data from the database.
Details: [ Database Vendor Code : 3621 ]
Execute <PEStartPrintJob>


This issue occurs when the stored procedure called by the report fails to execute successfully. This can be checked by calling FETCH_ITEM_PURCHASE_HISTORY stored procedure using the parameters given and confirm that it is failing due to 'truncation error'.

This can be resolved in either of the two ways described below:

  1. Non-SQL Server access
    • Find the document that caused the error and change the references field. It is possible the length of the reference field is larger than 20, which is allowed since a reference field in the PO table is 40 characters.
  2. SQL Server Access
    • Modify the @TEMPDOC table declaration on the Reference field to have more than 20 characters.


Users should be able to print and export the "Item Purchase History" report without errors.

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