Ch. 3: Business Processes: Document Policies


Document Policies are custom messages/notes/information/conditions that are printed (usually at the bottom of the document) along with the system documents and their aliases.


  • 'All prices are valid for a week from the date of the document’, maybe your company's policy for Sales Orders.

  • Your POS Invoice may have a message, ‘Thank you for doing business with us’.

You can also set up a document policy for a document alias or for individual customer or vendor documents. (Policies can be modified for individual documents).

  • When a document is created for a specific customer, the policy defined for that document for the particular customer will be displayed.

  • If a policy has not been set for the customer, the policy defined for the document alias will be displayed.

  • If no policy exists for the alias, the default specified in the Document Default Preferences is displayed.

    It is not mandatory to attach a document policy to all your documents.


Create a Document Policy:

To create a document policy, do the following:

  1. From the main menu bar, select File > Setup > Miscellaneous > Document Policy. You will see the Document Policies browser.

  2. From the Document Policies browser, select Options > New > In New Window. You will see the Document Policy profile.

  3. Specify the details and click Save.

The Document Policies Browser:

The Document Policies browser (path: File > Setup > Miscellaneous > Document Policy) displays a list of the document policies and other related information. To view or edit a document policy from the browser, highlight the record and double-click it. Options common to all browsers are also available in this browser.

The Document Policy Profile:

The Document Policy profile allows you to expand document policies.

Figure 3.2: Document Policy Profile

  • Code.
    Specify the policy code by entering a maximum of 15 characters of any type. You cannot modify this field.

  • Description.
    Enter the description of the policy using a maximum of 40 characters of any type.

  • Policy.
    Enter the custom messages/notes/information/conditions to be printed on the documents.

Modify a Document Policy:

You can modify a document policy from the following locations:

  • The Document Policies browser - Highlight the record you want to modify. Select Options > Edit > In New Window.

  • The Document Policy profile - Specify the document policy Code.

    You cannot modify the Code field.

Discontinue/Reactivate a Document Policy:

Everest allows you to temporarily discontinue records of document policies. When a record is discontinued, it is not deleted from the database; it is merely deactivated. A discontinued record can be made available for selection by activating it again.

If a document policy is selected in the default preferences for a document, then that policy cannot be deactivated.



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