Installation of CRM Studio license key


This article describes the procedure to apply a license key to a CRM Studio Installation.


Follow these steps to apply a CRM Studio License code on the server where CRM Studio is installed:

  1. From the Everest main menu, navigate to CRM > CRM Studio > Administrator to launch the Everest CRM Studio Administrator utility.
  2. Click on Help > About Everest CRM Studio Administrator

  3. Click on the License button and key in the license information as provided by Everest support in the Everest CRM Studio - License Code Management dialog:

  4. Hit OK to save.
  5. Restart the server or restart the CRM Studio service (Go to Run, type services.msc and hit enter to up the services window, look for Everest CRM Studio, and restart this service).


Confirm the new licensing information including License Expiration Date is displayed on the License Code Management dialog.

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