Ch. 6: Managing Customers: Customer Levels

Customer Levels

Customer levels are categories to which customers are assigned, to entitle them to special prices or discounts. Everest allows you to create any number of customer levels.

Example: You may define level 1 as most valued (and thus qualifying for maximum discounts) and level 9 as the least valued.

You can then set up item selling prices and discounts for each level.

Create a Customer Level

To create a new customer level, do the following:

• From the main menu bar, select Inventory > Discounts > Customer Levels. You will see the Customer Levels browser.

• From the Customer Levels browser, select Options > New > In New Window. You will see the Customer Levels profile.

A new customer level can also be created:

• From an existing Customer Levels profile by clicking Options > New.

• Any profile/dialog box that contains the Customer Levels field - Select New from the right-click menu option available from the drop-down list (click the drop-down button to access the drop-down list) of the 

The Customer Levels Profile


Figure 6.20: Customer Levels Profile

Customer level code *

Specify a unique code to identify the customer level in this field using 1 to 15 characters of the supported type.

Description *

Enter a brief description for the customer level in this field using 1 to 40 characters of any type.


This field displays the rank assigned to the customer level by Everest. You cannot edit this field.

Everest sequentially assigns a numeric rank to each customer level that you create. You can arrange the records in the Customer Levels browser in any order, and thereby manage a large number of levels. The Level is displayed only after you save the Customer Levels profile.

Modify Customer Level Information

You can modify the Customer Level profile from the following locations:

• The Customer Levels browser - Select Options > Edit > In New Window.

• An existing Customer Level profile - Specify the Level Code of the record you want to modify.

You can modify only the Description field in the Customer Level profile.

Discontinue/Reactivate a Customer Level

Everest allows you to temporarily discontinue customer levels. When a record is discontinued, it is not deleted from the database; it is merely deactivated. A discontinued record can be made available for selection by activating it again.

You cannot discontinue a customer level that is associated with an item and the item is used in a transaction.

Assign Customer Levels

You must assign the customer level to each customer in the Customer profile. You can set the default customer level for new customers in the Customer Level field of the Customers tab (path: File > Setup > Accounting > Location/Sub-Location > Customers). This customer level is displayed, by default, in the Customer Level field (path: Customer profile > Miscellaneous tab).

You can modify the customer level for specific customers anytime from the Customer profile, if you want to override the defaults.

To assign a level to a customer, do the following:

• From the main menu bar, select Invoicing > Customers. You will see the Customers browser.

• From the Customers browser, highlight the required customer and select Options > Edit > In New Window. You will see the Customer profile.

• From the Customer profile, select the Miscellaneous tab.

• Specify the customer’s level in the Customer Level field.

The Customer Levels Browser

The Customer Levels browser (path: Inventory > Discounts > Customer Levels) displays all the levels created for your customers. Browser options common to all browsers in Everest are available in this browser.

The Up and Down arrows on the right side of the browser allow you to arrange the records in the browser by moving them up and down.

The options available from the Customer Levels browser are detailed below.

Customer List

This option allows you to view a list of customers who are assigned to the selected customer level. Select this option to view the Customers - Customer Levels <Level #> browser.

Example: If you select ‘Level 1’ in the Customer Levels browser, all customers who are assigned to this level are displayed in the Customers - Customer Levels browser.

The customer level must be assigned in the Miscellaneous tab of the Customer profile (path: Invoicing > Customers > Options > New > In New Window).

The Customers - Customer Levels browser has options available in the Customers browser.

Special Pricing

This option allows you to view or create special pricing schemes for the selected customer level. Pricing schemes can be tailored for a single customer, group of customers, for an item or item category, or for an item brand or items of a brand in a particular category.

Select this option to view the Special Pricing - Customer Levels browser. Options common to all browsers are available in this browser.

Customer level pricing can be defined in the Special Pricing profile (path: Special Pricing - Customer Levels browser > Options > New > In New Window) by:

• Selecting the Group of Customers option in the Customers field and

• Specifying the required customer level in the Customer Level field.

You can also access the Special Pricing profile from the Special Pricing browser (path: Inventory > Discounts > Special Pricing > Options > New > In New Window).

Item List

Select this option to view the Items - Customer Levels browser. This browser displays a list of items that have a sales price defined for the selected customer level.

You must enter the price for each customer level in the Sales tab of the Items profile.

Options common to the Items browser are available in this browser.




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