Inactive Users (Working With Everest)

Applies to: 

Everest Advanced Edition v6.11

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User & System Administrator manuals: Everest Advanced Edition v6.11

Inactive Users

Clear all Inactive Users

Use this option to clear all inactive users from Everest. Everest checks for all the inactive users by default, and releases the locks on inactive users. This is a back-end process which occurs every 180 seconds.

 You are working on a document and your system crashes, you have to start Everest again. During this period another user would like to work on the same document that you were working on. Since your system has crashed and you cannot work on the document, this document will be available for the other user to work on. This is possible when you click on the option Clear all inactive users.

To clear all inactive users, do the following:

    • From the Logged-in Users browser, select Options>Clear all inactive Users. This option will identify all inactive users and clear them.

Clear Inactive Users

Use this option to clear an inactive user. You can clear only one inactive user at a time.

 To clear an inactive user, do the following:

    • From the Logged-in Users browser, highlight the user and select Options>Clear inactive user. If the selected user is inactive, then this option will clear inactive locks for the user.
    • If the user is active, you will see a message stating that the locks cannot be cleared since the selected user is active.

Active and Inactive Users

Active User - Users who are currently working with Everest are active users.
Inactive Users - Inactive users are those users who get disconnected while using Everest. The reasons for disconnecting could be power failure, a system crash, etc. Everest checks for all inactive users at an interval of 180 seconds. This is checked at the server from where all the users are accessing Everest. While checking (this is a back-end process) it looks for all inactive users and removes the locks related to these users.

Edit Clear Lock Job Schedule

Use this option to clear inactive locks automatically by specifying the time period. The clearing of locks is done automatically based on the setting in the Edit Clear Lock Jobs dialog box.

From the Logged-in Users browser, highlight the user/users and select Options > Edit Clear Lock Job Schedule. You will see the Edit Clear Lock Jobs dialog box.

From the Edit Clear Lock Jobs dialog box, specify the time interval at which the jobs are to be cleared automatically. The system clears inactive locks by default, based on the time settings in the Edit Clear Lock Jobs dialog box.



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