Enabling TLS 1.2 for Verifone PAYware connections


Verifone provides a specific payment method called PAYware that many Everest customers choose to use in processing their payment card transactions. For compliance (especially PCI-DSS) and security purposes, customers will want to use TLS 1.2 to authenticate this connection. The following steps will help in enabling TLS 1.2 on the Everest platform. 


Requirements: Access to the Everest server

1. Download and install the Microsoft Hotfix to your Everest Application server, depending on the server OS:

NOTE: A Windows Hotfix will not be needed on Everest 6.40 or above. 

2.  Depending on the version of Everest that you are running, download and install the correct attached registry file:

  • Prior to 6.39: Pre-639fix.reg
  • 6.39 and above: 6.39andAboveFix.reg

3. Reboot the Everest Application server


Validate that the TLS 1.2 connection has been established by monitoring the payments being processed through Verifone PAYware. If successful, they should go through with no issues. 

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