Error: "Application Server does not exist"


When you log in to Everest, the client fails to start with the following error: "Application Server does not exist".

The server event log located in C:\ProgramData\Everest\Temp\sverr.log has many of the following errors:

DCOM received error "1326"
Unable to logon to <Your Domain>\EverestCOM in order to run the server



This problem may happen after running DCPROMO to promote your Everest server to a domain controller or when the system password is changed.

If the Everest server was promoted to a domain controller, the error is corrected by changing the EVEREST and EVEREST REPORTS COM+ Applications user accounts from the domain account back to the local administrator account i.e. <Machine's name>\Administrator and retyping the administrator password.

In the scenario where the issue is caused by a system password change, the error is fixed by updating the new password for running the Everest COM+ components.

For both scenarios, follow these steps to resolve the error:  

  1. Go to Component Settings (Click on Start > Run, type dcomcnfg and hit enter).
  2. Drill down Component Services > Computers.
  3. Right-click on My Computer and select Properties.
  4. Go to the Default Properties tab.
  5. Check "Enable Distributed COM on this computer".
  6. Set the Default Authentication Level to "None".
  7. Set the Default Impersonation Level to "Identify".
  8. Go to the MSDTC tab.
  9. Go to Security Configuration in the Transaction Configuration section.
  10. Check all the options and set the authentication level to "No Authentication Required".
  11. Go to the COM Security tab.
  12. Click Edit Default in the Access Permissions section.
  13. Add "Everyone", "Administrator", "NETWORK" and "ANONYMOUS LOGON".
  14. Repeat steps 12 and 13 for Launch and Activation Permissions.
  15. Press OK twice to go back to the main Component Settings page.
  16. Select My Computer | COM+ Applications.
  17. Right-click on EVEREST.
  18. Select Properties.
  19. Go to the Identity tab.
  20. Ensure you browse and select a user with local administrator permissions in the User field and retype in and confirm the Administrator password.
  21. Repeat steps 17 to 20  for 'EVEREST REPORTS' COM+ ApplicationEverest_Reports_Application.png


Clients should be able to successfully log in to the Everest server without encountering the "Application Server does not exist" error.

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