Changing the Company Logo Displayed in Document Headers


This article describes how to update the Company Logo that is displayed and printed on the company documents header.


The Company Logo that is displayed on printed company documents is changed/updated by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to File > Setup > Company > Logo tab and uploading the new logo file
  2. For setups having multiple Locations, each Location can have an individual logo uploaded through File > Setup Accounting > Location/Sub-Location. Double-click a Location and open the Images tab to upload the new logo. Repeat this step for all Locations defined for the company.

The image file for the company logo should comply with the following requirements and recommendations:

  1. The only supported file format is .BMP. Unsupported image types must first be converted into bitmap (file type .bmp),
  2. The recommended dimensions and resolution for the bitmap are 5.0 inches x 1.4 inches or 254 x 124 pixels.
    Note: The pixel measurement is not in pixels per inch form, but in true digital size. 
  3. The recommended file size of the logo image is: less than 1 MB.
    Note: If the file size exceeds 1 MB, the performance of the report printing job may be affected because the logo must be copied to the local workstation for each print job.

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