Error: "Too Many Users Logged In"


Users may report receiving an error stating that too many users are logged in when, in fact, all users are logged out. The supervisor user or Everest administrator will also encounter the same error making the admin unable to log in and resolve the issue from the UI by logging off users.


This issue comes up primarily when there are a number of invalid/not-terminated sessions in Everest. If this number exceeds the total simultaneous users allowed, this error will be shown.

The fix when this scenario occurs is to clear the sessions from the database by executing the following steps in SQL Server Management Studio:

  1. Log in to SQL Management Studio 
  2. Expand database and right-click on EVEREST_SYSTEM database 
  3. Select "New Query" 
  4. Copy and Execute the following SQL script:
  5. To ensure the issue does not recur, check the SQL Server Agent service is running and there is a job named EVEREST DEMON. This SQL Server job automatically executes the stored procedure called EVEREST_DEMON which clears the Everest semaphore table (EVEREST_SPM) every 15 minutes. You can check this through SQL Server Management Studio as shown:


    The green play icon as highlighted above confirms the SQL Server Agent service is running. Should it not be running, right-click on SQL Server Agent and select Start as shown below:


  6. In scenarios where the EVEREST DEMON job is missing, recreate the job by executing the attached DEMON.sql script.
  7. Log in as the supervisor/admin user and unlock any locked users by following the procedure outlined in Unlocking Everest User.


Users should be able to log in to Everest successfully without errors.

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