Changing SQL Server Password

Changing SQL Server Password

Product: Everest Advanced Edition

Version: 4.0 and above


We have changed the System Admin (SA) password on the SQL server. The online shop files are located on a separate web server. How do I communicate the new SA password to the webserver without running the setup again?


If you change the SA password of the SQL server, then the client will neither be able to log into Everest database nor the webserver. The SA password is a must for Everest as it is used to log in and connect to the database. You cannot have any other user, even if the user belongs to the same SA group. If you change the SA password for the SQL server, it is mandatory that you update the same in Everest.

To communicate the new password:

1 Go to C:\Program Files\Icode\Everest\Client\Utilities (assuming that you installed Everest in the default installation path) and click ChangeLoginPassword.exe.

2 Specify the SQL Server Name.

3 In the Options section, select Change SQL Server User name/Password.

4 Change the Old User Name to "SA". (it should in fact be showing an encrypted user name as a default)

5 You will be prompted to enter the old password. 

6 Change the New User Name to "SA". (it should in fact be showing an encrypted user name as a default)

7 Enter the new password for SA and confirm by retyping the password.


If you have issues logging into the application, please search for a file called Everst_Config.ini  (typically in C:\Windows\SYSWOW64\Everest_config.ini) and make sure that:


password = [the new password you just set using the ChangeLoginPassword.exe above]


This should allow the Everest client to login with the new SA password.

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