Everest Sample Company Login Credentials


Everest is shipped with data of a fictional company called 'Accel Sample Company', which has the company code ‘ASC’, to help you familiarize yourself with the software. When Everest is first launched, the Accel Sample Company is the only company available.

This article provides important information on the default user credentials to be used to access the sample company and the instructions to reset the passwords if necessary.



Launch the Everest Advanced Edition application. You can select the application from the Start > Programs menu options list, or you can double-click the Everest Advanced Edition icon from your desktop.

The system displays the Everest Login window. Enter the user ID and password as shown below, unless your company has modified the original ID and password.

The default credentials for the ASC sample company are provided below depending on the applicable scenario:

In case the supervisor account has not been set up yet:
User code: sup
Password: super
If the account has been activated:
User code: sup-asc
Password: sup*123
Note: The user ID and password are case-sensitive, so enter them exactly as they appear above.

Click the Options button. The system displays additional login fields.


Select ASC in the Company Code field. ASC is the code used for the Everest sample company.


Click OK. The system displays the Default Jurisdiction and Location/Sub-location window. 


Click OK to accept the default values and login to Everest. 

In case the default credentials do not work, this either means the default password was changed or the account is currently locked.

Follow the steps described in Admin user is locked out to reset the credentials and access the Sample company as described above.

Note: Resetting credentials from the database will save your new password in plain text into the database. It is strongly recommended that you immediately log in to Everest and change your password inside the system so the new password will be hashed into the database for added security.


The system should display the main window for the Everest sample company on successful login.

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