Outlook e-mail error: "The Command Line argument is not valid"


This article describes the solution as well as an alternative workaround when users are unable to send Emails using Microsoft Outlook from Everest due to the following error:

"The command line argument is not valid. Verify the switch you are using."


This issue is related to the Outlook and Windows incompatibility with earlier versions of Everest. The error can occur when SP3 is applied on MS Office 2003 in the applicable environments but has been known to also occur in newer Microsoft Outlook deployments.

This issue was resolved in Everest 4.0.2 SP1 and can be resolved by following these steps:

  1. If you are using a prior version, you must upgrade to the latest version or uninstall SP3 of MS Office 2003.
  2. If the issue persists after the upgrade, navigate to File > Setup > Preferences > Workstation Settings and Click the General Tab, then the Report Settings Tab. Make sure that the "Export File Path" is a valid path on your local machine.

However, customers unable to immediately upgrade to the latest version or for whom the error persists despite the above changes can use Everest Email by following these steps.

  1. From Everest main window, on the top bar, select CRM > E-mail, Everest E-Mail browser pops up
  2. From Everest E-Mail browser, select Tools > Accounts, Everest E-Mail Accounts browser pops up
  3. From Everest E-Mail Accounts browser, delete any existing account (since they should no longer be used), then click Add
  4. Fill in the desired name on the New Account Wizard, click Next
  5. Close the Everest E-Mail Accounts browser, bringing you back to Everest Email browser
  6. From Everest E-Mail browser, select Tools > Options, Options browser pops up
  7. Check the 5th check-box labelled "Send e-mail from browsers and profiles using Everest E-Mail"
  8. You can change the default message formal to HTML if needed
  9. If you wish to add a signature, you can do so under the Signature tab
  10. Click OK


Try to e-mail a Sales Order. Once sent you should see the sent item in your Sent Folder.

Outbound emails from Everest should be successfully sent without errors.

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