Everest Standard v8.0.8 Moved to General Availability



Everest is excited to announce the Generally Available (GA) release of Standard version 8.0.8.

Everest Standard 8.0.8 release is focused on fixing issues reported by customers in previous releases and features to improve product usability



The following defects are addressed in this release:

  • EVCID-10891 Everest Email - Incoming email with an embedded image (HTML format) does not show the image
  • EVCID-10887 Everest Email - Saving HTML email does not save email correctly
  • EVCID-9699 POS return process not working properly (Quantity is not getting carried over)
  • EVCID-10702 Save button in W2 Form is not enabled
  • EVCID-10709 Inconsistent sound played when trying to commit item with wrong barcode

Known Issues

  • Everest Email when configured via POP3 incorrectly process images embedded into an email.
  • When an email is sent from Everest Email (configured via MAPI) the from field incorrectly set up (e.g. when email is received by recipient the from field will be invalid).


Please read carefully the attached detailed Release notes and check the specific requirements before the upgrade. It is strongly recommended that the 8.0.8 edition be installed on your test server and tested against a copy of your production database prior to being installed on your production servers.

Everest Standard v8.0.8 can be obtained by creating a Zendesk ticket to either obtain the download credentials or arrange for our Managed Upgrade team to schedule an installation.

Any questions that there may be for Everest should be directed to Customer support at support@versata.com







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