Everest Database Upgrade


This article describes the process to follow when the customer tries to upgrade their Everest version to 7.4.4 from 6.40.x and is encountering database errors and could not be completed.



  1. To upgrade Everest, install a fresh upgrade version somewhere different than the production server.
  2. Create a new company on the new server with the same legal information as the old production one.
  3. Create company back up on production server and copy the latest .bak file from the production server to a new server.
  4. Restore it on the new server. This means it has all your production database information including credentials.
  5. After that when you try to log in, a database upgrade wizard will pop up automatically.

Note: Upgrade Everest version gradually from 6.40.x to 7.2.1 to 7.4.4 to 8.0.x



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