Everest Standard v8.0.21 Release Notes




Everest is excited to announce the Generally Available (GA) release of the Standard version 8.0.21. The Everest Standard 8.0.21 release is focused on fixing issues reported by the customers in the previous releases and providing features to improve product usability.

Release Version Everest Standard 8.0.21
Release Date March 06, 2020
Release Type Generally Available
  • Product Release Software
  • Release Notes Documentation





The following defects are addressed in this release:

  • EVCID-16276: Fixed adjustment entry opening error in Bank reconciliation.
  • EVCID-15893: The document status in the purchasing filters with custom fields should be "Not Received."


Installation Instructions

Please read the attached document (i.e., the detailed Release Notes) carefully, and check the specific requirements before the upgrade. It is strongly recommended to install the 8.0.21 edition on your test server and test it against a copy of your production database prior to installation on your production servers.

To obtain the Everest Standard v8.0.21, request one of the two options below by creating a Zendesk ticket:

  • We can provide the download credentials.
  • We can arrange a scheduled installation by our Managed Upgrade team.
  • Installers were rewritten in v7.1.0. Hence, a clean install is required.
  • The Everest release uses its own license keys. Hence, appropriate licensing information should be obtained by creating a Zendesk incident ticket before the actual upgrade takes place.
Any questions about Everest can be directed to our Customer Support at support@versata.com


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Additional Information 

For more details, please review the Everest Release Notes v8.0.21


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