Editing the Document Policy for Sales Invoices


This article describes how to change the information shown on Sales Invoices that was set through a Document Policy to be displayed on all Sales Invoices.

This is common for adding standard company information commonly added to the invoice footer such as bank remittance information, refund policy, change of address notifications, or other similar information that is applicable across all invoices.


Follow these steps to change or update the default Document Policy information shown on generated Sales Invoices:

  1. Navigate to File > Setup > Miscellaneous > Document Policy
  2. From the Document Policies browser, select Sales Invoice Policy and double-click to Edit or select Edit > In New Window from the menu bar.
  3. Modify the Policy text box as required and save the changes using the Save button.
  4. Assign the new policy to Sales Invoices by navigating to File > Setup > Preferences > Defaults > Documents and clicking on the Sales Policy tab
  5. Ensure SI_POLICY is selected for the Sales Invoice Policy as shown above and click OK to save the configuration.


Sales Invoices should now display the updated policy information.

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