Bank Reconciliation causes Error 2006


You receive a message related to the Bank Reconciliation Error Source which prevents you from saving a bank reconciliation. The most common error messages for this situation are:

  • Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset
  • Batch_Number exists in Transact.

This article covers the steps to successfully remove the erroneous/duplicate value in order to process the Bank Reconciliation.

Error_2006_-_1.png Error_2006_-_2.png


Root Cause

When a bank reconciliation is started but not finished, it can create incomplete or duplicate records in the database.



Take a backup before completing any database change. Please follow this external article for help on how the take a backup of your database.

Review the reconciliation in the account in question. Find whether there is a reconciliation entry that is duplicating a journal entry and causing the next entry to fail to be saved. If so, delete the entry, and then you will be able to create a new reconciliation entry and save it normally.

  1. Find the record in the bank reconciliation entry. In this example, "a10505" is the account name.
    SELECT * FROM bank_reconciliation WHERE coa_code LIKE 'a10505 Pre';
  2. Check whether there is an entry in the bank reconciliation entry table, based on the previous query's bank_reconciliation_id result for the latest statement date, that has a duplicated journal_number:
    SELECT * FROM bank_recon_entry WHERE bank_recon_id = <bank_reconciliation_id>;

    Other than a duplicated value, there can also be an incomplete entry containing a NULL value. For incomplete entries, they need to be backed up and then removed from the bank_reconciliation table.

  3. If the query returns no results, something other than a duplicate entry is at fault. If the query returns records, delete the bank_reconciliation record corresponding to the last bank_reconciliation_id that has a duplicated entry:
    DELETE FROM bank_reconciliation 
    WHERE bank_reconciliation_id = <bank_reconciliation_id>.


The Bank Reconciliation can be saved with no errors.



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