Customizing Everest Windows Settings


This article is related to the ability to customize Everest windows, in aspects like column sequence, ordering, and formatting. The settings are individual for each user and once done will be available regardless of the workstation they log in. The window configuration can be transferred from one user to another, saved as a file so that it is later imported by another user, as shown below.


Follow these sequences of steps to replicate customization performed by a specific user: 

  1. Exporting Everest window configuration:
    • Connect in the system with the user that owns the intended window configuration to be copied.
    • Open the requested window to have configuration copied (in this case credit order, but this will work for most of the windows).
    • Right-click on the top window bar to open a pop-up menu.
    • Select option Save as and generate the Template file.
  2.  Importing Everest window configuration:
    • Log in as the user where you want to apply the configuration to.
    • Repeat steps 2 and 3, to have the same Everest window open and pop-up menu expanded.
    • Select the option Load Settings Template, then provide the previously saved file.

At this point, the window will have the intended behavior, replicating the desired configuration. 




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