Configuring Password Expiration


Everest provides administrators the capability to configure the password expiry interval to up to 90 days or disable the password expiration entirely if this functionality is not desired.

Users will be prompted to change their password by the "password expire warning" dialog that is meant to notify them of the impending expiration of their password.

The next section details how to configure the password expiry interval as well as how to ensure user passwords never expire.


Follow these steps to configure the password expiration interval:

  1. Log in to Everest with a privileged user (supervisor rights) 
  2. Navigate to File > Setup > Preferences > Flow Control > Passwords
  3. A window will open, set the Number of Days before Password Expires (0-90) to the desired number of days between 0 and 90 days.
    • Setting the expiration interval to 0 days has the effect of disabling password expiration if the desired configuration is that all user passwords should never expire.
    • The number of days before passwords expire must be between 0 and 90 days.
  4. Click OK and re-start the Everest instance.

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