Web orders not coming in from Magento


After integrating with Magento, Everest users may report that web orders are not coming into the system. Error logs are showing the following (or a version thereof):

ERROR 2018-08-08 14:56:25,314 - MagentoReceiveAgent.OnSaleOrderCreated - failed to process 100002164 magento order.
System.Exception: City 'Chicago Ridge, IL' is not related to Zip code '60415'

Another example:

ERROR 2020-05-01 10:26:31,917 - MagentoReceiveAgent.OnSaleOrderCreated - failed to process UT-000001513 magento order.
System.Exception: City 'Minneapolis ' is not related to Zip code '55407'


This issue arises when there is a zip code/city mismatch between what is being entered into the Magento form and what is stored in the Everest database.

In the above example, the zip code 60415 was tied to 'Chicago Ridge' but the customer entered 'Chicago Ridge, IL' as the City.  The second example shows the City value as 'Minneapolis ' which has an additional trailing space causing the mismatch with the City value store in the database corresponding to that zip code.

As this is the intended functionality of the Everest system, it is important to take precautions so that customers and end-users are only entering the city name in the indicated field and not the state abbreviation as well. The issue of padding extra spaces during data entry can be prevented by configuring a drop-down selection for this field on the Magento form rather than a free text field.

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