Access violation error accessing Everest screens


A user receives the error message Access violation at address 807CFFF4 while accessing an Everest screen on a new machine. Additionally, the user may receive the error message Error moving to the next step.



This error usually occurs when a user attempts to use previously saved User interface settings on a new computing environment that is not capable of displaying or loading them, or when the user interface settings have become corrupted. 

Execute the following steps to resolve the issue, by resetting the user interface settings:

  1. Log in to Everest, with SuperUser credentials.
  2. Go to File > Set Up > Interface Settings.
  3. Select the user who is receiving the error.
  4. Select Options > Restore factory settings > All settings.
  5. Validate the fix by having the user attempt to execute the previously failing steps. If successful, the error message will not come up. 

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