Everest COM+ Component gets Stuck


Sometimes, the Everest COM+ component gets stuck. This has been observed on all Everest versions and can be caused by a high load (large running queries from multiple users) or ongoing issues within the environment Everest is running on, such as the OS or network.


  1. Open Component Services.
  2. Expand Component Services > Computers > My Computer > Com+ Applications.
  3. Right-click and select properties on the 'Everest' component.
  4. Go to the Pooling and Recycling tab.
  5. Set Pool size to 3 and Lifetime limit to 240-300 minutes.


  • The default values are to have Pool size set to 1 and lifetime limit to 0 (unlimited).
  • If you are experiencing an intermittent issue, try to find out how often it happens and set the lifetime limit accordingly.
  • The same fix above will work to improve situations where Everest is slow, despite recent reindexing and defragmenting of DB


The client is no longer experiencing issues logging in to Everest.



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