Setting-Up Elavon as the Payment Processor in Everest


This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up Elavon as the payment Processor in Everest.


  1. Go to File > Setup > Accounting > Processors.

  2. Click New > In New Window.

  3. Enter following in General Tab:

    • Code: Elavon.

    • Processor Name: Elavon.

    • Make sure you checked Supports AVS, CVV2 and ZDA

  4. Go to Settings Tab and enter the following:

    • Service: Verifone/Remote CC.

    • Other details, as found under Elavon processor settings, with the latest password.

  5. Click Save and Close.

  6. Go to File > Setup > Accounting > Payment Methods.

  7. Double-click Visa payment method.

  8. Go to the Card Processing tab and select Elavon as the processor.

  9. Click Save and Close.




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