Checking Daemon/Services Status


This article describes the process of checking daemon status on Windows and UNIX platforms.




Checking Windows Service Status

To check the service status on Windows:

  1. Run <install_dir>\attclm<x.x>\bin\lmtools.exe, where <x.x> is the release version of ATTClm you are using.

  2. Select the Server Status tab.

  3. Click Perform Status Enquiry to see what license services are running.


  4. To get more detailed license server information, run the attclm<x.x>/bin/lmutil.exe program from the command prompt. For further details on the list of utilities and options the lmutil executable supports, refer to the ATTClm Directory Structure.


Checking UNIX Daemons Status

You can use the command lmutil lmstat -c <license_file_path> to check the status of all redundant daemons if the daemons are running normally. Remember, you must use the -c parameter to reference the license file you used to start the daemons.

If you have problems with the daemons, you may not be able to check them with lmstat. In this case, log in to each server node and use the ps command to make sure the processes are running.


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