ATTClm Directory Structure


This article describes the ATTClm directory structure for Windows.

The attclm<x.x> directory, where <x.x> is the current ATTClm release number, contains the following:

  • prodinfo.txt - This file contains the ATTClm product information.

  • \adm - This folder contains options_template. It is a modifiable template that you can use to customize your license access.

  • \bin - This folder contains:

    • attclmd.exe - The Auto-trol license daemon executable file started by the FLEXnet Publisher daemon lmgrd.exe.
    • lmgrd.exe - The FLEXnet Publisher license daemon executable file that starts the Auto-trol daemon attclmd.exe.
    • lmutil.exe - The executable file for the utilities: lmcksum, lmhostid, lmremove, lmreread, and lmver.
    • lmtools.exe - The graphical user interface for lmutil.exe.
  • \docs - This folder contains the ATTClm user documentation in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).

  • \install_tools - This folder contains:

    • AttcUninstallTask.bat - The batch file for removing ATTClm files.
    • AttcUninstTask.exe - The executable file for removing the ATTClm license daemons from the registered service.


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