Setting LM_LICENSE_FILE for Administrators




This article describes the process of setting up LM_LICENSE_FILE for Windows and Unix System Administrators.


Windows Administrators


When you install the ATTClm server, in Windows, the installation process places the license file in <install_dir>\attclm<x.x>\adm and stores the license file value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > FLEXlm License Manager > attclmd daemon.

Note: Only client machines use LM_LICENSE_FILE. On Windows servers, the ATTClm registry stores the license file pathname.

To change this value, as administrator:

  1. Run <install_dir>\attclm<x.x>\bin\lmtools.exe.
  2. Click the Config Services tab.
  3. Enter the full path, where the license file is now placed, in the Path to the license file field.
  4. Click Save Service.



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UNIX Administrators


To set the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable for the UNIX system administrators:

  1. Log in as a system administrator on the server node where you want to run utilities or daemons.

  2. Create a group called lmadmin in the /etc/group file and put everyone with license administrator privileges into it.

    Note: Only lmadmin group members can access the lmutil command options lmdown, lmremove, and lmreread if you start the daemons with the -p parameter. Refer to starting license daemon/services manually for information about the -p parameter.
  3. Define the license administrator environment variable by entering:

    setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE <install_dir>/attclm<x.x>/adm
  4. Add the setenv command line from Step 3 to the .cshrc file of all users in the lmadmin group who will run daemons or lmutil commands so that the system defines this variable automatically when they log in.

  5. Add the following commands to the .profile file of all users in the lmadmin group:

    LM_LICENSE_FILE=<install_dir>/attclm<x.x>/ adm export M_LICENSE_FILE


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