Restoring Normal Collector Loading After Any SLS Cluster Incident or Restart


This article helps users fix the collector failing to load logs after an SLS cluster restart



All Sensage AP versions 



Sensage AP full deployment with loading collector


Root Cause

Collector loader process unresponsive after the SLS restart



  1. Check for SLS corruption that might be affecting the loading
  2. Check on the live collector error logs to find the following message appearing every 15 seconds for the affected loaders:

    2018-08-29 15:33:25 local1.err collector[109518]: PARTS:7f464ffc0d7973c7d34895591a97fa17:0003:0001 2018-08-29T15:33:25+0000|109518|1|C2020|Controller::spawnLoader|line 794|ERROR [C2020]: <Collector - spawn loader> A Loader is not responding. [A Loader has disappeared and will not be respawned.  May have exited on error or been killed.  (name: l_microsoft_windows2008_iptv_load)]\nError stack:\nX at /opt/app/sensage/latest/bin/../lib/perl/Addamark/ line 349\n    Addamark::Log::log_error('C2020', 'l_microsoft_windows2008_iptv_load') called at /opt/app/sensage/latest/bin/../lib/perl/Addamark/Collector/ line 794\n    Addamark::Collector::Controller::spawnLoader('Addamark::Collector::Controller=HASH(0x3492b10)', 'l_microsoft_windows2008_iptv_load') called at /opt/app/sensage/latest/bin/../lib/perl/Addamark/Collector/ line 693\n    Addamark::Collector::Controller::manage

  3. Validate if the SLS was restarted or had an issue prior to a collector restart
  4. Rename the .noload files to .log files and restart the collector to resume correct loading



The files will load correctly after the loader restarts


Content Author: Miguel Molina



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