Clearing Canceled Dates for Non-Cleared Checks


This article is for anyone who sees the Date Canceled field being populated on Non-Cleared checks


Requirements: Database admin access



     1. Run the following SQL Query to know the number of affected checks:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Pyapprole.Checks WHERE Date_cancelled IS NOT NULL AND Check_Cleared_Bank = 'N'; 

     2. Run the following SQL Query to update the Date Canceled of the checks to NULL for the checks that are marked as not cleared.

Update Pyapprole.Checks set Date_cancelled = NULL where CHECK_CLEARED_BANK = 'N';


  1. The number of affected rows for the 2nd query should be the same as the 1st query
  2. On the CORT Payroll application, Go to Reports -> Spreadsheet
  3. Click on Find to create a new Cort Payroll Spreadsheet
  4. Go to Spreadsheet -> Add Col
  5. Add the items: CLEARED and CDTECXLD (Date Check was Cancelled by Bank)
  6. Go to Sort -> Sort this by Col
  7. Verify that the checks marked with an N letter have no canceled date 

Content Author: Santiago Lunar



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